How to Root Out Bias, Prejudice and Bullying To Create a Kick-Ass Culture of Inclusion

What follows are excerpts/adaptations from my latest book, Just Work.

The Root Causes of Workplace Injustice: Bias, Prejudice and Bullying

What gets in the way of basic fairness at work? At Just Work, we believe…

If you don’t design company policies to optimize for justice, you’ll reinforce systemic injustice, hurt your team’s ability to collaborate, and fail to get shit done


Leading in these times is tough. I wrote Just Work: Get Shit Done, Fast and Fair to help leaders navigate some choppy waters. A core premise is that if you ignore the “fair” part, you won’t get shit done. Issues of social justice come with us into the workplace. This…

Trier Bryant and Kim Scott, co-founders of Just Work

Introducing ‘Just Work’ the Book and Just Work the Company!

I am so excited to share with you my next book, Just Work: Get Sh*t Done, Fast & Fair, when it makes its way into the world and on to bookshelves everywhere March 16!

Publishing a book feels like giving birth and sending that child off to their first job, all on the same day. So please read the book, and be radically candid in your assessment of it.

I care so much about this book, and also about working with organizations to roll…

Trier Bryant, CEO and co-founder of Just Work the company, and Kim Scott, author of Just Work the book and co-founder of the company.

By Kim Scott & Trier Bryant

We―all of us―consistently exclude, underestimate, and underutilize huge numbers of people in the workforce even as we include, overestimate, and promote others, often beyond their level of competence. Not only is this immoral and unjust, but it’s also bad for business. …

Kim Scott

Kim Scott is co-founder of two consulting companies based on her bestseller Radical Candor & her newest book, Just Work: Get Sh*t Done, Fast & Fair.

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